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Anniversary in Europe: My Carry-On Only Challenge

In just 2 days, Ben and I will be boarding a plane from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Toronto, Canada — and Toronto, Canada to Munich, Germany. We started counting down forever ago, but life has gone by so quickly (We went home for a long weekend, we visited the Twin Cities, and I traveled to Denver) and now it seems like Europe has truly snuck up on us! WOW.

Since the previous post in our Anniversary in Europe series, we have:

  • Finalized our itinerary, and confirmed all of our guided tours through Viator.
  • Confirmed all of our hotels and transportation. (More on those after our trip!)
  • Emailed our family and friends with all of our essential information.
  • Enrolled in STEP to stay in the loop regarding safety during our trip.
  • Purchased last-minute items like super comfy travel pillows, raincoats, and an international cell phone plan.

Tonight, I spent the evening packing and making sure I was able to fit everything in a carry-on… and I was! Ben doubted my ability to pack for 14 days in a carry-on… which was only further motivation for me to succeed! ;-)

Whenever I’m packing I always forget to account for the remaining days at home as well as the travel day. So, I made sure to leave out clothing for “Yoga in the Park” tomorrow morning, and comfortable clothing for our travel day — sweatpants and my Creative at Heart long-sleeved T-shirt!

I’m excited to share several of the pieces I am bringing along. (Of course, this isn’t everything – just the pieces I could find online!) I tried my best to pack with versatility — and with mixing and matching in mind. Everything I’ve packed is super, super basic and can be dressed up or down. Although we have a rough plan, it’s tough to know exactly where we will end up — like at the park or at a fancy dinner!

Europe in a Carry-On

Kelly Zugay - Wisconsin Life and Style Blog - Packing for Two Weeks in Europe - Photo

As you can see, I packed a mix of long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, and tank tops! The weather will be warm — but I wanted to be mindful of rain or of air-conditioning on trains and in buildings, too. For me, sandals are much more comfortable than tennis shoes, so I brought along 2 pairs of sandals to be worn with anything. Finally, our hotel in Prague has a gym, so I brought along activewear as well.

I am still a little bit shocked I was able to fit everything in my carry-on, but I’m so glad I did! I think it’ll make for a really easy, simple travel experience — which is what I’m all about!

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If you think of us, please send happy thoughts and prayers as we travel to Munich! Recent events — coupled with reading and watching the news — have been making me feel so nervous for our trip… almost to the point of not being as excited as I should be. If you have a moment, please send prayers and positive thoughts! I just want us to have a safe and fun trip — and to celebrate our anniversary, of course!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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