About Kelly

About Kelly

My name is Kelly, and I am a college educator, entrepreneur, and clean beauty connoisseur. I’ve got a major crush on my college sweetheart and husband Ben, I adore everything from Target, and I rarely say no travel… or Starbucks.

I’m saved by grace and cherish cozy afternoons with my husband. I appreciate hand written notes, can’t walk by any beauty aisle without taking a look, and I look forward to hostessing every opportunity I can. I find joy in simple things and hope to leave the world a better, brighter place.

About KellyZugay.com

Kelly Zugay is a Wisconsin-based lifestyle, beauty, and wellness blog, dedicated to effortless inspiration for a happy and balanced lifestyle. Here, you’ll find:

Every post I write is designed to help you find — and create — your happiest and most balanced life.


My goal is to inspire women to live a happy and balanced lifestyle through effortless style, clean beauty, and healthy, vegan recipes.