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Eucalyptus + You

Weekends in Eau Claire have been very rare this year; nearly every weekend has been spent traveling (I just wrote about my trip to Savannah!) and I think I am all traveled out for 2016. This past weekend, though, I picked up a bunch of eucalyptus from our farmers’ market — which inspired me to write about my newfound love of essential oils, specifically eucalyptus.

Traveling has a way of being so much fun — yet so exhausting. So, in an effort to stay well amid all of the traveling, I invested in an essential oil starter kit! So far, my favorite (and Ben’s favorite, too!) is eucalyptus. I purchased a diffuser to go along with the essential oils, because I wanted a safer alternative to candles. (I have read a few articles about how candles can be unsafe for our health.)

Today, I’m excited to share the benefits of eucalyptus!


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  1. Eucalyptus not only smells amazing – but it can also be very beneficial for respiratory health. It can strengthen your immune system and help relieve congestion, too! (Source)
  2. Eucalyptus oil can be used to relieve muscle tension. (Source)
  3. Diffusing eucalyptus can have an overall calming effect, too! (Source) For me, it’s the perfect, soothing sent to diffuse!

While I’m still learning about the benefits and uses of essential oils, it has been so much fun to learn about.

Do you use essential oils? Which are your favorites?

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  • LOVE essential oils! Just be careful of fakes! Some ways to tell: http://www.prevention.com/beauty/natural-beauty/7-signs-your-essential-oils-are-fake/slide/3. When I teach oils classes I bring a bottle of peppermint I picked up at Whole Foods and do the paper test for people. There is also a noticeable difference in scent, which is because the WF brand is mostly cornmint oil, not peppermint oil (as the label says). EOs are not regulated by the FDA, so companies try and get away with a lot of sneaky stuff! Check for purity and make sure the company tests the oils and releases the tests to the public. Otherwise you might be spending $15 for a bottle of filler oil that might smell okay but doesn’t offer you the beneficial properties of EOs. You really do get what you pay for with EOs. I’ve had some of my bottles that I use ALL the time last months because they are pure.