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Travel Diary: Dallas, Texas

This week, I traveled to Dallas, Texas on behalf of With Grace and Gold! We’ll be launching something so exciting in March at With Grace and Gold, so we set aside a bit of time to work, plan, and prepare. We chose to travel to Dallas, because we had never been to Dallas before — and because it was guaranteed to be much warmer there! I’m excited to share a bit about our trip — what we did, where we visited, and more!

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas. From all the reading I had done, I learned that Uptown is the place to walk around, shop, and dine… but there aren’t very many hotels there. We chose the Adolphus, because it is in a really walkable, centrally-located area. At the Adolphus, there is a fitness center, spa, and rooftop pool. Overall, it’s a very historic (read: haunted) hotel, and the architecture is really lovely.

What We Did
  • Sunday: On Sunday, we arrived in Dallas in the early afternoon. We checked in, walked around Downtown Dallas and had lunch/dinner at the Iron Cactus. They served table-side guacamole, with a hint of orange, and now I’ll never make my guacamole recipe the same way! It was delicious. Downtown Dallas is filled with high-rise office buildings. Over the course of the week, we learned that while people work downtown, people live elsewhere — in areas of Dallas like Uptown and Deep Ellum, which are just a short drive away.
  • Monday: On Monday, we celebrated the launch of an all-new design for Creative at Heart Conference. We will be speaking at the conference, which takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina, in August! I’m so, so excited! After a really wonderful launch, we spent the afternoon at the Dallas Farmers Market. The farmers market was really unique! It had lots of different restaurants and shops with tons of cuisines to choose from. When we returned to the Adolphus for an evening of work, we ordered sushi using Postmates… and watched The Bachelor, of course!
  • Tuesday: On Tuesday, we visited Uptown. There are tons of shops and restaurants, so we walked around, explored, and of course, decided on Taco Diner for more guacamole! Afterward, we got manicures at MiniLuxe, which was a really cute and friendly place! Walking around Uptown was a lot of fun. There is a trolley that runs through town, and it’s a really quaint albeit fancy place.
  • Wednesday: On Wednesday, we had an awesome photo session with Sarah Delanie. Sarah is not only an amazingly talented photographer, but she is also really sweet and encouraging! We met at a really beautiful studio with white brick and white floors — it was so dreamy! Afterward, we walked around Deep Ellum to find lunch, and — you guessed it — we had more guacamole! Deep Ellum has a totally different aesthetic from Uptown. There is lots of cool graffiti on nearly every building. It’s definitely worth walking through, just to see all of the unique shops and restaurants!
  • Thursday: On Sunday, we returned home. It was tough to return to 20 degree weather after experiencing 70 degree weather all week — but it’s so, so great to be home!

Overall, it was a really wonderful week in Dallas! I’m so glad to have visited Texas, and I’m so excited to return to Texas when I go to Waco in April! Up next on my travel agenda:

  • March: Scottsdale, Arizona for a working vacation!
  • April: Waco, Texas for Illume Retreat!
  • May: TBD with Ben (I’m going to surprise him with our destination!)
  • June: Orlando, Florida for a family vacation at Walt Disney World!
  • August: Raleigh, North Carolina for Creative at Heart Conference!
  • September: Chicago, Illinois for a wedding!
  • October: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a wedding!

I’m so excited to share more about our special project in March! In the meanwhile, I hope you’re having a warm and cozy winter! Spring is almost here!

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